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75 Days To Go and Lots of Other Things

I've been absent. I've also been dealing with a depressive episode. The two are not unrelated. I read this awesome blog today celebrating a one year soberversary, and I realized I'm only 75 days behind that person. Like, What? That's decent. Like, hey girl - that's really good! So what did I do? I started… Continue reading 75 Days To Go and Lots of Other Things

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My JOMO and A Milestone

I am writing this on Day 30 of Teetotalism. The date is February 13, 2019. It may not seem like a giant milestone to some, but I feel like every milestone is giant. It's proof that we're trying; that we're doing it! I had my first restaurant outing this past Sunday. A lovely Galentine's Brunch… Continue reading My JOMO and A Milestone

bipolar disorder, mental wellness

When in Doubt – Don’t

There is this thing that most people have when they drink. It is the thing that says, “You’ve had enough. It’s time to stop.” I do not have that thing. It took me a really long time to realize that I don’t have it. Going out and drinking was fun and after a few drinks… Continue reading When in Doubt – Don’t