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The Accidental Blog Post

I had no intention of blogging today. Actually, that's not entirely true. Every day I wake up with the intention of blogging the million ideas in my head. I just never seem to be able to sit still long enough to do it. Quarantine is a funny thing. I'm restlessly bored. I can't sit still… Continue reading The Accidental Blog Post

mental wellness

Pharmacies and Falling Back.

Medication is a way of life for me. I take three in the morning, one in the afternoon, and two at night. Don't get me wrong, I take them because they keep me balanced, but it's a constant reminder every time my alarm goes off that I'm stuck with this illness. But that's just the… Continue reading Pharmacies and Falling Back.

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“Are you going to go postal or something?”

When I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder I was terrified of what people would think of me. Even as little as 10 years ago people didn't know as much about mental illness as they do now. I might have finally had a name for my illness, but I certainly didn't understand it. How could I… Continue reading “Are you going to go postal or something?”

bipolar disorder, mental wellness

Well, Who Am I Now?

There was almost a period of grief after receiving my diagnosis. I personally experienced mixed emotions. On one hand I finally had a name for the monster living inside of me. On the other hand it meant I had barely begun my journey to wellness. For so long my illness was the only thing I… Continue reading Well, Who Am I Now?