mental wellness

Peace, Love and Books

Today I have hit my first major milestone in my journey to teetotalism. 100 days. I guess that means it’s not as much my journey to as much as it is my journey through. I’m in it… and I’m loving it. It sort of feels like a birthday.

Then there are the books. So many books. I have been wanting to reread The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. My technologically challenged self managed to delete my only copy from my Kindle so I decided to purchase a second-hand copy from a used bookstore. Walking into that bookstore, touching the books, and feeling the pages brought me so much joy. It was a truly zen moment. I left with three books instead of just one. In my excitement about books I renewed my library card as well. There’s a library five minutes from my house. Seriously, why have I not been utilizing this?

I have also been playing my violin more frequently. I only play about every other day because I will overwhelm myself and then not want to do it anymore. As with anything I get excited about I have to not overdo it. Excitement is good, yes, but I will get overly excited and then burn out.

So, while today I feel happy I know that happiness doesn’t mean everything is perfect, because it definitely isn’t. There are plenty of things going on right now that are not “happy” things. I don’t really feel like talking about those things right now. It would simply triple the length of this blog post, however, if you are the praying type I will ask for quick prayer for my family, friends and loved ones who are hurting for various reasons. My aunt, my uncle, my family as whole, and a very special person halfway around the world.

With all of that said, I will return now to my journey across the desert in search of my Personal Legend, and just in case you’re feeling hopeless today, remember, “when you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it.”

Paulo Coelho believes that, and so do I.



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