mental wellness


… it makes up in height for what it lacks in length.

Today was a good day. I worked on a budget to help me take a big trip at the end of the summer. I hit 100 days with no alcohol. I renewed my library card. I got halfway through my book. I played my violin. I crocheted.

Well, the day goes on and if it were not for my dog right now I’d be melting into a puddle of blah.

Bad news happens. It just does. It seemed to come from many directions today. I had so many things I wanted to share with certain people and now I cannot. So those things will simply belong to me only.

Maybe I can still take that trip, though… but maybe the path turns from where I thought it was leading and takes me somewhere else.

This morning my heart was beating, but right now it feels like stone. It is filled with regret. I think some rest is in order and eventually my heart may go back to its former state.

Some things just take time.

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