mental wellness


Today I feel mixed emotions. Love, frustration, happiness, numbness, exhaustion, etc. Mostly I think I just want a nap. Sometimes that cures everything and I can think clearly again. I didn’t sleep well last night so that may be the route to take.

Today’s happiness comes from the fact that I have an actual Friday night off of work… and a Saturday… and Sunday, and just for good measure I took Monday off as well. This is probably my fourth weekend off since August. It is rare and I savor it.

I came home from work early, put on my glad rags (as Dad would have called them), put my hair up and sat down on the giant sofa. I feel calm. The anxiety is lurking a little, but it is pushed down so far that I can’t feel it. At least not for now. It will either fade away or come back… not sure which it will be just yet.

I can hardly keep my eyes open so here goes the napping portion of the day. Be jealous.


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