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Boss Babe

Today has already been better. So far. It’s only 10:45 so… we’ll see. I am always skeptical of a good morning. It is how I have to operate so that I can make sure the monster isn’t trailing at my feet.

I slept in this morning. That means I woke up around 9:30 am. I actually slept though which in itself most likely contributed to today’s even mood. I woke up motivated to do a few things, like actually eat breakfast and make coffee and get dressed to wrap my hands to hit the bag. It doesn’t seem like much, but let’s not get too ambitious here. Baby steps.

My eyes are sort of mess from yesterday’s emotional rollercoaster so as soon as I can put my contacts in I’ll go get my workout in. That may sound stupid, but I cannot hit the bag in glasses. It drives me nuts. But I digress… wrapping my hands, putting on my gloves, working on my footwork, breathing, eye contact, head movement, all of it… it calms and centers me. I think it’s what I’ve needed these past few weeks. I know it’s what I’ve needed.

Part 2 to working out: I’ve never felt better than when I was lifting heavy weights. I never looked better either. So as hard as it is to get motivated to lift heavy shit I am going to start. I simply cannot wait for that delayed onset muscle soreness (except I can). In all honestly, I do miss it and how it makes me feel.

I actually think I have my medications sorted out. It’s the things I supplement along with medication that I have fallen away from. Lifting, boxing, running, eating better, one-on-one therapy, and group therapy. I have to find time to fit these things into my life. Again, baby steps. If I try to do too much at once I will get overwhelmed and shut down.

But for today, besides hitting the bag I am going to try to finish crocheting the last sleeve on this dang sweater I’ve been working on for almost a month.

My advice for today: GO FORTH AND BE A BOSS BABE.


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